Kanpur, India


Kanpur is the second largest city in Uttar Pradesh and the 12th most populous city in India. The administrative headquarters of Kanpur Nagar district and Kanpur division are in the city of Kanpur.

Major attractions:

  • Bithoor- It is a small town in Kanpur and a home to the Ganges. It attracts several pilgrims to this holy spot.
  • Boodha Bargad-It is an important historical monument at Kanpur meaning an Old Banyan.
  • Kanpur Gardens- The city is famous for many gardens and parks which are well maintained for a serene mental relaxation. Some of the best parks in Kanpur are Phool Bagh, Nana Rao Park, Mahatma Gandhi Park etc.


  • Treebo swagat- A 3-star hotel situated in the heart of city offering modern amenities. An ideal place to host a party or a business meeting.
  • Hotel Vijay Intercontinental-A 5-star hotel located at Tilak nagar. It offers free Wi-Fi and parking to its customers.
  • The Landmark Hotel-This 5-star hotel is located in the heart of the city, within minutes of proximity to railway station. 


  • Aromas-Before the advent of fast food chains in Kanpur streets, Aromas was a place for pizzas and burgers. Even today you won’t find flavors like this anywhere.
  • Dhuaan-it offers a great all-round dining experience.
  • Little Chef- The place has a cozy, family-friendly ambience and well-prepared dishes.


  • Sultani Dal- It is a soup type of dish made using pigeon pies, blended with spices and herbs.
  • Shami Kebabs-It is made up of minced meat with spices and chickpea powder.
  • Imarti- It is a sweet dish similar to jalebi with the only difference in taste.

Travel info:

The city is well connected with the rest of India by rails. Though the city has an airport, there are very few flights.