Kanpur India Intercontinental Hotel

In May 2013, the InterContinental Hotels Group became the target of an international boycott campaign for its luxury hotels in Lhasa, Tibet. In July 2012, the Office of Fair Trading alleged that IHG had broken competition laws by preventing online travel agents from reducing the price of rooms - only hotel stays.

In May 2012, IHG was warned by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) that it could not use advertising that displayed the price of hotel rooms excluding VAT. The ASA ruled that the advert was misleading because it was likely to be seen by consumers who pay VAT and other consumers.

Members were advised that the points would never expire and would be awarded for life. However, after the change, the points will expire after 12 consecutive months of no earning or redemption activity.

In addition, each room in the hotel is equipped with free Wi-Fi access and free internet access in all rooms. In addition, each room is equipped with a desk and sitting area to increase comfort. Each room has free WIFI and TV cable, and if you need to work hard at the office, you have free wireless connection to your computer, phone, tablet, laptop and other devices.

The queen bed is immaculately furnished with fine linens and has a wardrobe with ample space. Each room has a safe and all amenities include free Wi-Fi, cable TV and free internet access in all rooms.

A continental breakfast is served each morning at the Regenta Central. Guests can also relax in the outdoor pool, and all rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi, cable TV and free internet access. All air-conditioned rooms have free Wi-Fi access and are equipped with sparkling, clean and private bathrooms and closets.

The Narula Convention Centre has spacious and well-equipped rooms and offers top service 24 hours a day. The hotel has an on-site restaurant, which offers a wide range of dishes including Indian, Chinese and Asian dishes.

Each room has a private seating area where you can relax, and each has a private bathroom and shower. Some of the luxurious single rooms have a private bathroom with shower and a private balcony for private guests. The rooms offered include two - bedrooms, three - beds, four - rooms and five - beds. They include private bedrooms, private baths, sparkling private baths, en suite bathrooms and even private kitchens.

DNG, the Grand Hotel offers its guests a unique experience of meeting in one of the most exclusive and exclusive hotels in the world. The rooms, which have a private bathroom, kitchen and bathroom, are uniquely decorated with fine furniture and wooden floors and individually beg.

The Royal Cliff is an exquisite building with a modern flair and views, located in the city centre. The location is excellent as it is close to some of the major tourist attractions, including the Royal Palace, the Indian National Museum and the Grand Palace of Kanpur.

IHG is the world's largest hotel and hotel management company, headquartered in Denham, Buckinghamshire. The hotel has a terrace and bar, and each room has a private bathroom with private shower and a private balcony overlooking the city centre and Grand Palace of Kanpur. The hotel also has a restaurant, bar and wellness centre, as well as a fitness centre. IhG has offices in nearly 100 countries, with headquarters in London and New York City, the Greater China office is located in Pudong, Shanghai and the offices in Southeast Asia and Korea are located in Singapore.

More About Kanpur

More About Kanpur