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Andy Reid is entering his eighth season as head coach of the Chiefs and is considered one of the league's best. With Russell Wilson as the Kansas City Chiefs "linebacker, they have stood out from all other NFL pairings in terms of depth.

The Chiefs are currently second in the NFL in total offense with 6.57 points, ranking tenth in the NFL in yards per game at 6.57. The Chiefs have allowed the second - fewest points per game and the third - most yards given up by a defense.

The Chiefs are third in the NFL with 254 points, which means they are third after 12 games. The Chiefs have conceded the seventh most penalties and eight penalties against the Dolphins, but they are still the second-most-penalized team in all of football.

The Chiefs' offensive line is faring better than it did during their Super Bowl campaign, but they are preparing for a slightly worse season. Last year, the Chiefs finished the NFL's second-worst offensive line behind the San Francisco 49ers.

Kansas City was 5-11 behind and fell two spots to fourth in the NFL in conversion percentage (48.7%). The Chiefs' offense came in at 6.22 yards per game, which was good for second - in the NFL. They also ranked first in total offense (4,826 yards) and third in points (403) through 12 games. In 2013, the Chiefs were second in the NFL with 403 points, 33 against the Miami Dolphins and 32 against the New York Giants.

The Chiefs have had a very quiet offseason and will be relying on young players to replace some of the lost production. Chad Henne was the Chiefs' first-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and second overall. Kansas City currently has three first-round picks and two second-round picks on the roster. A new generation of young linebackers will bring talent to the position where current linebackers have been unable to win in recent years due to injuries and inconsistent play.

Hitchens' time at Kansas City could be coming to an end in 2021, and while he may get a chance to ring in Kansas City this season, fans may not see him in a Chiefs uniform for the last time. Chiefs Kingdom can look forward to seeing how the team progresses and what potential the Chiefs organization has for the next generation of linebackers.

Next up for the Chiefs is Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, who have been a consistent team compared to last season and are ranked sixth on the list. The Chiefs should be back in the playoffs as one of the top seeds. AFC, and it's always sunny in the kingdom of the Chiefs when you hear about the team's potential for a playoff run and a Super Bowl appearance.

This year, you want to see the Kansas City Chiefs compete against different teams in every statistical category. We track the Chiefs team rankings weekly in the following five categories and this year we want you to see how they stack up - in all.

I keep thinking about how the regular season is just the way the Chiefs have gone to achieve their ultimate goal of a Super Bowl. It feels like they've been preparing all along for what really matters - the playoffs.

What makes the regular season so strange for me is that I realized something over time - it was important. What bothered me was that, regardless of the results, the Chiefs were and still are one of the best teams in the league. It bothered me because if they lost to the Bills, Saints or Ravens and could only finish third, I knew I would support them if they got to the playoffs to win against absolutely everyone. I was disturbed by the fact that, although I know they would not win against anyone if it came down to it, despite losing to New York, they would still be in the mix. That I still support them. And it bothered me even more because I know that no matter what the regular-season finale turns out to be against the Buffalo Bills, the New Orleans Saints or even the Baltimore Ravens, regardless of the outcome of that game, we would still be one of the best teams. Chiefs should not be looked after by them, but they should not be.

Although the Minnesota Vikings were heavily favored in Super Bowl IV, Kansas City upset the NFL champion by holding on for a draw - two draws - against the New York Giants in the NFC Championship Game. The Chiefs' second comeback win against the Vikings in that game just didn't matter to me.

A standout regular season was followed by playoff disappointment when the Chiefs were upset again at home against the Colts. Kansas City won the division title but was overtaken and forgotten by the New York Giants in Super Bowl IV in the AFC Championship Game.

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